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OCV 125 SERIES Control Valve 2014-05-21
The OCV Series 125 and 126 Pump Control Valves are designed to effectively eliminate the surges associated with the starting and stopping of the pump.
OCV 120 SERIES Control Valves 2014-05-14
The OCV Series 120 Rate of Flow control valve is designed to control or limit flow to a predetermined rate, regardless of fluctuations in downstream or upstream pressure.
OCV 118 / 108SA SERIES Control Valve 2014-05-08
The OCV Series118/108SA surge anticipation valves are designed to be installed in a bypass line and provide protection against damaging surges that can occur in pumping systems when a pump is suddenly stopped.
OCV Series 115 Solenoid Control Valve 2014-05-06
The OCV Series 115 Solenoid Control Valve is designed to provide on/off or open/close control of fluids in response to an electrical signal. The valve consists of the basic OCV model 65 with solenoid-operated pilot. With the appropriate solenoid, the valve may be normally closed (energize to open) o
OCV 108 SERIES Control Valves 2014-04-30
In many liquid piping systems, it is vital that line pressure is maintained within relatively narrow limits. This is the function of the 108 Pressure Relief / Back Pressure Series of the OCV control valves. Installed in the main flow line, the standard Model 108-2 acts as a backpressure or pressure
OCV 94 SERIES Control Valve 2014-04-28
The OCV Series 94 check valve is a simple on-off valve that opens to allow forward flow when inlet pressure exceeds outlet and closes tightly to prevent backflow when outlet pressure exceeds inlet pressure.
Circuit Balancing Valve 2014-04-22
The NIBCO? cast iron circuit balancing valve is designed with a non-rising stem. The valve
501T: Top Guided Single Seat Globe Valves 551T: Top Guided Single Seat Globe Valves/JIS10K and ANSI class 150 only 520T: Small Plug Single Seat Globe Valves 2014-04-08
KOSO top-guided control valves are compact and simple structured. They are usable in a broad scope of applications, including all cavitation-free liquid services as well as steam and gas services that meet noise regulations.
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